Buyer Beware

When you purchase a Rain
bow, you are buying many ye
ars of produc
t development, continuous improvement and ingenui
ty. Plus, your 
Rainbow is supported by Rexair LLC and by your local Independent Authorized Rainbow Distributor.

Do not make the mistake of purchasing your Rainbow from an unauthorized retailer. Remember: any purchase from an internet retailer — including any purchase from an online marketplace like eBay or — is 

While Rexair sympathizes
 with customers who have been taken advantage of by unauthorized or Internet sellers, Rexair stands behind its Authorized Distributors and can only offer assistance to customers who have purchased through authorized channels.

Risks of Buying from an Unauthorized Source

- You will not have access to an authorized warranty that is backed by the manufacturer – Rexair LLC of Troy, Michigan, USA.

- You don’t really know who you are dealing with, and it is often not a local business with a track record of providing good customer service.

- Any warranties actually offered by unauthorized sellers of Rainbows may, as a practical matter, be worthless. Additionally, in order to get a warranty repair, you may have to package the Rainbow and then ship it out for repair – a time-consuming and costly process, with no guarantee of satisfactory service.

- Despite promises of prompt shipping, there are often long delays between a credit card purchase and the date on which the units are actually shipped.

- Units advertised as “new,” may in fact be used. You may not know until it is too late!
Units may not be in good condition, may be defective or may contain non-factory parts. Often products from unauthorized sources have had serial numbers removed to conceal the true source of the products.
- Authorized Rainbow Distributors only honor warranties on machines sold by other Authorized Distributors, which do not include vacuum cleaner shops or Internet merchants.
Advantages of Buying from an Authorized Rainbow Distributor or Dealer
* You know who you are dealing with – an Authorized Rainbow Distributor who is committed to customer satisfaction.
* You will receive an authorized warranty that is backed by Rexair LLC.
* You will receive personal service and attention.
* You will receive a brand new unit in perfect condition.
* You will have access to convenient, authorized service.
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